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July, 2020

As we await further instructions regarding health and safety protocol for the 2020-21 dance season, I have posted a tentative schedule of classes - how our year may go if and when we are allowed to resume classes.

Classes will have a maximum of 4 students, with transition time built in to the schedule to allow for the safe arrival and dismissal of students. This transition period also gives us time to clean surfaces before a new group arrives.

We will follow the 2 meter rule - with students being assigned dance spots in the room.

Parents will line up (2 meters apart) outside the church doors to drop off, and pick up dancers. No one can wait in the dressing rooms until further notice. 

Masks and appropriate PPE will be worn by teachers and students.

This year's schedule will be BALLET ONLY. In order to reduce class sizes, I need multiple time slots to accomodate all existing families. Sadly, there is no room for additional Jazz or Tap classes.

Classes will begin on October 6th, 2020. 

This is a "work in progress" schedule at the moment. As the situation clarifies, more details will be shared with you.

As the world continues to heal, please keep a positive thought in your heart!

Miss Stephanie



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