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Dress Code

Dance Etiquette



A vital part of dance training is the discipline that students learn in class and then carry with them as they grow. This begins by arriving for class on time and in the proper dance attire.


Girls will wear:

Black tank style leotard/bodysuit

Ballet pink/skin tone convertible tights

Ballet pink/skin tone soft slippers (leather or canvas)

Skin tone half sole shoes (Modern)

Black or pink ballet wrap sweaters (optional)

Black or pink ballet skirts (optional)

Boys will wear:

White t-shirt

Black dance pants or shorts

White or black dance socks

Black ballet shoes

Skin tone half sole shoes (Modern)

Respect & Positive Attitudes

Respect for oneself

Respect for teachers

Respect for all students and friends

Respect for our environment and dance home

Respect for our audiences

Respect for dance history and the great traditions that have been left for us to learn, enjoy and share


Hair Requirements: Hair is to be pulled back and secured in a ballet bun for ALL classes. For those students with short hair, a headband or ribbon may be used.


A touch of emerald green is always encouraged!


How to Make a Ballet Bun :)

1.  Brush hair until it is smooth and tangle free. Gather all hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Height is up to you.


2. Twist the ponytail tightly, and coil it around the elastic, securing with bobby/hair pins. Tuck the end of the ponytail under the rest of the bun. Be sure to use enough pins!


3.  Wrap a hairnet over the bun. Secure with some more bobby/hair pins, if needed.


4. Mist with hairspary, if needed.


5. For an Emerald ballet bun - add a touch of green!

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