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Primary Ballet

Medal Syllabus – The Performing Arts Educators of Canada (PAEC)

Our youngest Emeralds will learn to match movement to tempo, create their own dance phrases and develop rhythm and coordination skills. Enjoyment of dance, developing expression and mastering preliminary ballet steps are emphasized…all in a warm and caring classroom.


Classical Ballet

Medal Syllabus – The Performing Arts Educators of Canada (PAEC)

In existence for hundreds of years, ballet is a classical dance form that promotes grace and precision. Students learn formalized steps, following the national medal syllabus of The Performing Arts Educators of Canada (PAEC). All classes consist of the following elements: ballet barre (warm-up and training exercises), center work, adage and allegro sections, combinations, and travelling steps. While posture, technique and muscular awareness are emphasized, all students are encouraged to develop their presentation skills and artistry, while moving to classical music.



Medal Syllabus - The Performing Arts Educators of Canada (PAEC)

Dedicated and committed older students, with a strong background in ballet, may be considered for pointe work, beginning at 13 years of age or older. The necessary strength in the body, legs, and feet must be present before pointe shoes are suggested. As part of the pointe class, students will complete a regular series of demi-pointe exercises and strengthening activities to ensure readiness for pointe work. Students must be willing to take two classes per week.


Classical Ballet Exams

Medal Syllabus - The Performing Arts Educators of Canada (PAEC)

Ballet exams are offered to students that demonstrate a willingness to work hard, comfort with the technical requirements, and the passion required to train. Following the Spring showcase, exam students will begin an extra term of study, completing their exams in June.


Students choosing Modern Dance are strongly encouraged to take a ballet class.

Modern dance is theatrical at its core, combining strong ballet and jazz skills to create unique performance pieces. Dancers use free flowing movements to express themselves, based on their interpretation of the music. It is a style of dance driven by emotions, and encourages dancers to use a wide array of levels and shapes when creating dance sequences. Elements like contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation are used. 


Students in the Jr. Silver level and up are welcome to join the Ensemble.

Each year, students study a different style of dance and work to create a company piece, performed in the Spring showcase.  The Ensemble is a wonderful opportunity for students to get to know one another, dance with older and younger performers, and have fun learning new styles of dance. 

Young Modern Dancers
Tap Dance Class
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