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About Us

Dance has captivated the hearts and minds of many artists – propelling even the quietest student to stand at center stage and share in its magic. At Emerald School of Ballet, the legacy of dance is respected and nurtured. Following a national syllabus, Emerald dancers strive to achieve their personal best, while gaining confidence, growing friendships and making memories. A safe and warm learning environment is offered to all students with the heart and will to dance.  

Emerald dancers celebrate the arts through community shows, performances and annual concerts. Dancers train for formal exams, led by the Performing Arts Educators of Canada.

Not all children seek to compete. At Emerald, we celebrate the performance side to dance, not the competitive. 

Performing Arts Educators of Canada

PAEC is a Canadian association that offers certification for teachers in various dance disciplines and the ability for their students to be examined under the usage of qualitative syllabi.



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